Mondays 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm (2 hours each night)
Instructor: Carlos Tellez of Salsa Heatwave


Carlos Tellez is a world class teacher, choreographer, dancer and performer and he is coming to teach specialty courses at Salsa Mia on South Beach! Carlos Tellez is 100% an expert in everything he does but most of all he is engaging, entertaining, exciting, passionate and challenging - Carlos will keep the wheels of your brain turning along with your body every minute of each class you take with him. Get ready to work hard, smile a lot and go home dancing!!!

Carlos has been teaching, choreographing and performing for mor
e than 20 years and brings infinite knowledge to share in leading and following, rhythm and timing, musicality, technique, footwork, syncopations, partnerwork, patterns, spinning and style for both ladies and gentlemen.

Your Make Mondays fun!